Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week1 Creating a blog

Dear all
Actually I am getting on the track. That’s the per-doing of every late comers. In fact I have started my week 1 with a certain lateness due to a technical communication problem, fortunately quickly solved. Going through the introduction step has permitted me to be aware of the big class community I am involved and the amount of information that has already put on. I learnt the definition of blog and its importance as an excellent medium of communication and teaching/learning tool. I have gone through my first task which is to create a blog. The construction of my blog was a little bit crazy at the beginning but at last I succeed in creating it. I have found out a lot of links that offer us a variety of exploration types like importing and exporting blogs which in fact permit to create your own community. Such a space also offers appropriate conditions to interact with students and peers in a grand exchanges operation. The real problem when you enter into this dynamic is not to be a lazy reader or writer. You should devote time for reading and giving response to all your correspondences (reactions, opinions, warnings…) in order to maintain the communication line alive and to enable the flow at ease of coming information.

To blog is an important process because you teach and you learn simultaneously.

With kind regards
Alfred Moreno


  1. Hello Alfred

    and welcome to the blogging world. Nothing is as difficult or as crazy as it may seem at the beginning. All of us had certain problems at a given moment, but if we are patient and devote time, it is solved.

    I have to agree with your idea about devoting time. It's really important, as it brings with it communication. I think this is the most important aim. I wouldn't like to create my blog only for myself, having no readers and no comments. I devote couple of hours every day reading and commenting what my class mates write.

    I wish you good luck!


  2. Hello Alfred,

    I thought I would be the last one to join the course on April 6th, but it turned out that various factors influence our lives ... technology probably being the first!? What a coincidence that we're supposed to support our teaching with it and it appears that sometimes we cannot simply rely on it!

    I need to reflect on what you have written about the time-consuming feature of blogging. To me, it sounds the most difficult part of the whole idea of blogging. On one hand, since last week I can't wait to do all the 'evening stuff' and turn on my laptop. On the other hand, I'm beginning to notice the things I'm missing and I'm delayed with. Most probably, it is all about reaching some compromise, a kind of balance, which seems hard and demanding. What we need to be careful about when getting totally engaged in any project (like our course), is the work-life balance and setting the priorities.

    So, let's set the priorities first and then plan time distribution in order not to miss something really important in our lives.

    Good luck to all of us!